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You can’t have excuses and success at the same time! – Life can be challenging when you need to survive

I’m Leonie du Preez

My coaching niche and passion are student coaching, family (parent and child) coaching, business coaching & life coaching in general.
I only want to be your coach if you want to have a meaningful life.  There are enough self-help social media pages and other coaches to help you with that!
I have 10 years of full-time student coaching experience!  
Almost 10 000 hours student & corporate coaching!
I am a professional life coach, helping you and your company to find meaning in what you do.

Who is Life Coaching for?

All students
High School pupils
Sport teams
House leaders
Anyone else who need to survive

We all face many  challenges. Let me guide you and your team to solve it!

To think differently! To re-build and re-focus.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is very popular, and in high demand.  If you want to have a meaningful life, experience victory in various areas of your life, and just want to GRO, enjoy an interactive session, in person or on teams/zoom.


Corporate Coaching

Corporates that invest in their people will reap commitment and better results.


Student coaching

Student life, the workload, your friends, finding a job, choices and the huge amount of freedom can be a challenge to every student.  Gro will help you to adjust, excel and experience meaning in what you do during those amazing fun filled student years.  Pass!


Family Coaching

All of us are trying to juggle all the balls, family, business, children and their many activities, the dog and all the other things the Jones’s are doing! Family coaching is a safe environment where families can GRO, RE-CONNECT AND THRIVE. We don’t do counselling, but coaching.  We will give you tools to understand one another better and respect the complete different (very strange) uniqueness of your family.

What is the GRO LIFE COACHING process like?

Complete the form below, and we will confirm a session.

A session is usually 90 minutes.  |  We recommend 3 sessions.

Office location:  Lynnwood, Pretoria East, and remotely on ZOOM/Teams. Everywhere.

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