Leonie started GroLife Coaching because of her passion for people.  She is dedicated to help businessmen, company executives and employees, students and scholars and their parents as well as disabled people.

Each person coached by Leonie experienced a life change.  Her strengths lie in the fact that she acknowledges the individuality of each person’s character and then strives to fulfil that person’s dreams to be the best.

GroLife Coaching works with the teachers of a nursery school within an informal settlement where parents lost their jobs and hope.  These teachers are from the same community.  Leonie makes a huge difference in their lives and gives them hope.

Leonie helps workers from large companies to speak up when they are unhappy, and teach them basic skills in the workplace.

Her teambuilding talents has made big differences in the performance of corporate and sports teams.

May GroLife Coaching go from strength to strength to make a difference in each individual or team’s life or career.

Thank you for what you do for our school in the west of Krugersdorp!